There are a number of programs for animation and cartoons. :) Here are some quick examples. I will get some better ones soon. If you make a better one, let me know and we will put it up here!

www.Jaycut.com This is similar to Microsoft Moviemaker and iMovie, but it is free and saves everything online. It takes a little playing with and it is a glitchy, but I like it. Ms. Alsobrook's class used this for their Civil Rights Movement Project.

This is DaiNisha's Civil Rights Video.
Thanks for letting me put it here :)

Totally Free

I used the text to speech feature, but you can also use a microphone and use your owe voice (i think you can also use your phone and call it in).
What use (educational or fun) could this toy serve?

Free for teachers
GoAnimate4Schools.com: Animation day by Kelly Werthmuller

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!


This is a Geico commercial made by xtranormal.

A commerical for the book fair made by Constance B.


This is Stolen (borrowed) from the The Daring Librarian
This is an easy project, but I did not have a microphone and the one on my computer is on the floor. :)
Think about George Washington talking about the Revolutionary War or a Llama talking about his environment.

My thoughts so far about animation.
- These are hard without a purpose. I was having touble coming up with examples. But if I had to write a script or storyboard, it would have been much easier. The Book Fair commerical was much easier because I knew what to write about. Also, the Jaycut students who did their storyboard did much better than those who didn't.
- The kids are going to think that these are super cool and will be excited to use them. We can easily post them on a wiki for everyone to see.