This is kind of a catch all page.

This is a list of cool links that I come across but do not really fit anywhere, yet :)

47 Alternatives to using YouTube It is a list of sites that offer free videos, like Youtube, but are normally not blocked.

Web 2.0 cool toys- this is my list of cool things that I have played with or have been told about that are free on the internet. :)

Here is a list of things that I want to do some more research on, but sound cool! (if you look at any of these, let me know.)

Scratch and Media Mashup (ning)- scratch is a downloadable program that the user can make just about anything- games, music videos, digital stories, and more.

These are notes to Mrs. W. Things she wants to keep, but not quite sure where to keep them.
Go ahead a look if something looks intersting. :)

Geek Squad Directory or Tweeted Times for the #tlchat (do after the firewall is down) 6-8 teacher resources. This has 42 places you can get free ebooks. :)

Recommended sites for sourcing mages

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a wonderful image resource for both students and teachers:


Morguefile is a terrific website with free high resolution digital stock photographs and reference images.


These two sites from Wikipedia are very valuable:
A list of sites with Public Domain images
Wikimedia Commons: a fantastic source of images that are public domain
(great for historical figures pre 1920's).

plasq distributed clipart

plasq also provides a clipart package of cartoon characters which are handy for story telling comics. They are available here. is also a great resource for public domain movies from which frames can be dropped into Comic Life. Caution! A small portion of's content borders on what is acceptable in schools and may be blocked in your school district. That doesn't prevent teachers from downloading useful movies from at home and bringing them to school. smily by mrsw80

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